In addition to my legal work combatting terrorism and anti-Semitism worldwide, I have worked as a guardian and attorney for incapacitated adults in New York City for more than 7 years. It isn't often that these two practices intersect for me...but when they do, it is truly eye-opening.

In June, I had a meeting at The New Jewish Home (a nursing home run by a Jewish charity) in Manhattan. I was greeted with a woman (my co-guardian, no less) wearing (quite unapologetically, I might add) a gigantic gold swastika on her chest.

At the time, I could not believe that something like this would happen, in New York of all places:

But, as has been made abundantly clear, anti-Semitism IS on the rise, not just in the Middle East, not just in Europe, but in America - and especially in New York, which Stand With Us estimates as having a Jewish population of almost 2.2 million (just the 5 boroughs, not counting the greater metropolitan area).

This was only the tip of the iceberg. In the end, I had to make a motion to have this bigot removed from the case, and to its credit, the Court apologized for having ever appointed her, and for subjecting me to her racial abuse.

What the Court didn't know, however, was that this woman googled this image while sitting next to me in the courtroom awaiting her removal hearing:

She kept snapping her fingers and clapping her hands to get my attention. When the hearing ahead of us ended, she noticed that one of the attorneys in that case was wearing a kippah, and she tried to flag him down to make sure he got the message, too.

This was New York Supreme Court. In Manhattan. Just another Tuesday afternoon in the "new normal" of anti-Semitism in America.

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